Using Emotional Wisdom (to Create a More Joyous & Richer Life!): GrowthCourse plus one half-hour coaching session

In this GrowthCourse, find out how emotional wisdom can help improve your relationships and your sense of fulfillment.

This enhanced course includes one half-hour one-to-one coaching session by phone or video, held within three month of the course purchase date.

This GrowthCourse is part of the Inner Mastery Academy, brought to you by Tildet Varon and David Alexander.


Stress Mastery Three-Week Training

Through the Stress Mastery Three-Week Training you can:

  • Discover your unique indicators of when you are feeling stressed
  • Boost your resilience by practicing new skills both internally and in connection with others
  • Become more effective in communicating goals and vision, as well as requests for change, while building strong relationships and reducing stress

This course starts on Tuesday October 22nd (7:00pm - 8:15pm ET).