Have A GreatFull Day Meditation Bundle

How would it feel to have a go-to, inclusive meditation bundle to meet your needs throughout the day?


  • Starting your morning with the Be Blessed Not Stressed Morning Meditation to set the tone for your day. It is a meditation that can help you energize and set an intention for the day, while also grounding you for a sense of peace before starting a busy or stressful day
  • Taking a restorative break during the day, with the Stop and Breathe Meditation.
  • Ending your day with the Be Blessed Not Stressed Evening Meditation, a specially-designed meditation that centers you and prepares you for a restful sleep.

And we include additional grounding mini-meditations to serve your needs when on-the-go, throughout the day.

Now you can have all of this, with my Have a GreatFull Day Meditation Bundle.

Included are:

  • the three core, full-length meditations described above
  • three mini-meditations, 2 to 4 minutes in length for use on-the-go
  • my Meditation Essentials Ebook, and
  • a bonus Daily Reflection Journal Worksheet