The Art of Resolving Conflict and Creating Harmony: Self-study GrowthCourse

In this course, you explore the the meaning and causes of conflict, and the key points that you can use to minimize conflict in your life and transform it into harmony.

The course is broken down into these areas:

Part I—What Is Conflict?

  • The Basics of Conflict—identifying the defining characteristics of conflict and recognizing the key elements at play in all conflict 
  • The Seeds of Conflict—realizing how the potential for disagreement, if not handled properly, can lead to conflict 
  • What Contributes to Conflict Development—understanding how your personal behavior can fuel the conflicts in which you find yourself

Part II—How to Deal with Conflict and Create Harmony

  • Limiting Beliefs—becoming aware of how these beliefs can perpetuate conflict in your life 
  • The Way We Manage Conflict—determining your preferred method for dealing with conflict 
  • S.T.E.P. into Conflict—using a practical method for creating a better outcome in conflict situations

This GrowthCourse is part of the Inner Mastery Academy, brought to you by Tildet Varon and David Alexander.