Using Emotional Wisdom (to Create a More Joyous & Richer Life!): GrowthCourse plus one half-hour coaching session

centering oneself tildet.jpegIn this GrowthCourse, find out how emotional wisdom can help improve your relationships and your sense of fulfillment.

After completing the online course, you will have a half-hour one-to-one coaching sessions by phone or video to discuss your results, at a mutually-agreed schedule within three months of purchase. Discussion can include your thoughts that have come up around emotional wisdom, such as how to understand what it is, and most importantly, how you can improve emotional wisdom as expressed in your own daily life.

Emotions are a compass that shows you what path you are on. They are your messengers telling you to take certain actions. By learning what your emotions tell you, and developing ways of productively expressing and using the compass of your emotions, you can change your life for the better. This is Emotional Mastery, and as opposed to managing or suppressing emotions, we learn to use feelings as a guide for what we are experiencing, what is important, and what actions to take.

Emotions clearly play an important part in our day-to-day living, especially the aspect that lends vitality and meaning to life. Yet isn't it strange that despite the enormous impact emotions can have on our lives, in many cases, we don't live our lives in an emotionally wise way. But imagine if we did!

  • We would handle life's ups and downs with more ease.
  • We would manage our emotions in a healthy way without having to suppress them.
  • We would cope with change and more readily accept occasions where we are stretched outside of our comfort zone.

Imagine what that would that be like. Wouldn't that be great? 

Even if you are doing well in many or most aspects of your emotional life, there are ideas and insights in this GrowthCourse that can help you refine and clarify the actions you take in moments of strong emotion (your own or others'). You can come to better understand why you take those actions, and most important, how to improve the reactive aspects in those situations into productive choices.

This is where the concept of emotional wisdom comes into play, and this is the potential it has in our lives. Take this course to study and learn more on this vital topic. Eight worksheets and study sheets are included, as part of eight modules. It is time to invest in yourself and master your emotions for a better life.

This GrowthCourse is part of the Inner Mastery Academy, brought to you by Tildet Varon and David Alexander.