Looking Forward Instead of Back - Ebook & Workbook

The Looking Forward Instead of Back: Let Go of Old Stories ebook and workbook can help you identify and work through beliefs that are holding you back. 22 pages.

USD 14.97

Achievement and Fulfillment 101 Four-Week Online Growthshop

When you are aligned and congruent with your core values, you more easily attract the things you desire in life. Achievement and fulfillment become hard-wired into your daily reality, and everything becomes far more enjoyable.

This online Growthshop starts Wednesday April 25th and meets for four weeks.

USD 297.00

Change Your Communication, Change Your Life Live Growthshop

At times, do you feel that you are not heard or seen?

Do your efforts not seem to lead to the returns you expected?

Let’s do something about that!

This live Growthshop takes place on Wednesday April 18th, starting at 7pm.

USD 45.00