Heart-Centered-Community Membership

The more centered and resilient you are in these complicated and often stressful times, the more you are able to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and other stresses.

In this membership community we can support each other while traveling through this new landscape. We will share ideas, inspiration, ways we have each innovated, and approaches and actions that we have found to work.

The membership includes access to content and audio meditations, and live online sessions with Tildet.

For the month of April, starting April 2nd, you will receive:

  • Weekly 45-minute online sessions with me, for four live sessions monthly
  • Recording of sessions will be made available to members
  • 30-Day Keeping-Calm-and-Resilient Stress Reduction Exploration (daily emails and audio meditations). New content after the 30 days
  • An amazing heart-centered community to grow together with
  • Some surprises (you never know what gifts you will get with me!)